Aquastop Door Guards

Custom made / Pressure fit

Rapidly protect doorways or garage openings from flooding.

Why choose our Aquastop door guards

Here are just some of the benefits of our product


Quick to Deploy

Rapid, Self Locking System

5 Year Warranty

We can offer a 5 year warranty on AquaStop

Pressure Fit

Custom made for your opening

Product Information

Supply Force International Ltd is New Zealand’s exclusive distributor of the AquaStop Classic door flood guard.

Since 1992 Aquastop Classic has been suppling as pressure fit flood barriers for door and garage openings. The system has a snap closure with a removable clamping handle. Its self-locking system lets you deploy the barrier effortlessly.

You only need a window or a door’s frame to deploy the Classic barrier. Nothing simpler, nothing safer. No masonry, no permanent anchorage system.

In some circumstances dependent on your doorway’s condition some specific accessories or customised solutions may be required. We can support you and assist with this.

We offer a five year warranty on our AquaStop range.

Key Benefits & Applications

  • Quick and easy to deploy – protect a doorway or garage opening
  • Custom made to fit your opening’s dimensions
  • 5 Year Warranty supplied on our AquaStop range
  • Manufactured from aluminium with a great-looking silver finish
  • Fully tested at ISTITUTO GIORDANO laboratories
  • Pressure fit system. No modifications to your property is required
  • Units incorporates hard wearing gaskets for sealing
  • Minimal storage space required

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