Noise Barriers, Construction Lights & Flood Barriers That Work!

Supply Force International are dedicated to providing flood protection and noise abatement products that protect people, property, and the environment. Our company distributes innovative, award-winning solutions, proven in multiple industries on projects across the globe. If your goal is to reduce noise on construction sites or prevent damage due to flooding, browse our extensive range of products then get in touch.

Noise Barriers

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Treat noise at its source

An alternative to traditional plywood hoarding–which reflects sound and vibration and can effectively double the initial noise level. Echo Barrier is a tested and proven noise barrier system – reducing noise absorption by up to 40 dB!

Flood Barriers

flood barriers
Rapid assembly & Easy to store

Fluvial Innovations’ flood protection products outperform traditional flood barriers such as sandbags. Floodstop and Floodblock offer a robust and easy solution to the devastation caused by flooding to home owners, businesses and councils.

Construction Lighting

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See clearly. Work better.

And protect people! At Supply Force, we believe in energy-efficient LED construction lighting solutions for industry that reduce environmental impact and save on costs, at the same time as increasing safety, quality and productivity.

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Supply Force NZ is Solution and Innovation Driven “Simplicity and Technology working together, every application. Better!

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