DAM EASY® Flood Gates

Flood protection made easy

True to their name, DAM EASY® Flood Gates are easy to use and act as a dam.

  • In-stock now and shipped in one day
  • A superior level of protection
  • Very fast to deploy and pack away
  • Stores easily in a small space

Introducing the newest and most innovative way to protect your home from flooding. The design and quality of this product makes DIY installation easy – no tools, silicon or special skills needed!

Simply place the gate in the doorway and inflate the seal to create a watertight barrier. Seals can be easily replaced, so you can use your gate over and over again.

Lady Standing By DAM EASY Flood Gates In Front Of Home

Off the shelf and ready to use!

Dam Easy’s® unique selling point is that it is a ready-to-use product; there is no need to install a frame.

Simply place the flood gate in front of the door reveal and follow the three simple steps to secure the area.

  • Put the flood gate inside the door entrance
  • Extend the sides so it fits securely
  • Inflate the seal to create a watertight barrier

Easily prevents up to 70 cms of water from entering your home. Seals can easily be replaced so you can use them time and time again.

Extension poles are available for extra large doorways and garages.

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What's our secret to success?

The unique patented pneumatic pump action seal, which inflates a tube right around the outsides of the barrier, completely sealing the area and leaving it watertight.

One flood gate has the ability to extend from 780mm to 1100mm. For garages and larger entrance ways, our extension poles can be used to connect multiple gates.

  • You don’t need an expert to set it up
  • No tools or silicon required
  • No modifications required
  • Place the gate in the doorway

Supply Force International is the authorised distributor of Dam Easy Flood Barriers for Australasia. We are based in Auckland, NZ and we ship to Australia too, so go ahead and place your order and we’ll have your products delivered in just a few days.

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DAM EASY® Flood Gates FAQ's

Install your flood gate in 3 easy steps, no tools or special skills needed!

  1. Put the gate inside the door entrance
  2. Extend the side panels to cover the door entrance
  3. Inflate the seal

It’s Dam Easy!

A flood barrier costs $1500 including GST, but it is a one-time purchase that will often pay for itself in one use as opposed to sandbags.

You will need 150 sandbags to build a meter high and wide wall. At $5 a bag, that’s about $750. If you add time, the cost of building the wall, and the strain on your back, it’s a lot of money for a solution that will still allow water to seep through, and needs to be thrown away at the end.

When you factor in the cost of transport and possibly the largest bill, packing up and then disposing of contaminated sandbags, floodgates are considerably cheaper!

Flood barriers are usually made of a combination of aluminium and plastic. The gasket or seal around the edge is made of rubber
They create a barrier between the property and the floodwaters. The aluminium and plastic gate is sealed securely to the edge of the entrance, preventing water from seeping through.

Flood barriers start from $1500 including GST each, but it’s a one-off cost.

Compared to the cost of sandbags, flood barriers often pay for themselves in one use. With the cost of building the wall, transporting the sandbags, disposing of them, and the strain on the back, floodgates are not just more cost-effective, but safer as well.

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