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Noise attenuation is a vital part of any construction project. Not only does it protect workers on-site from excessive noise, but it also helps to prevent unwanted noise pollution in the surrounding community.

There are a variety of methods to attenuate construction noise, but the most effective is to treat noise at its source.

Treat Noise At Its Source

Supply Force offers an alternative to traditional plywood hoarding – which reflects sound and vibration and can effectively double the initial noise level.

We provide tested and proven noise barrier systems, reducing noise absorption by up to 40 dB!

By using sound-dampening materials and enclosures, construction companies can greatly reduce the level of noise that is emitted from their sites. You can use our solutions to help create a safer and more comfortable environment for all.

Get Exactly What You Need

We have the correct solution for all of your noise attenuation requirements.

Contact us for a free consultation to ensure the best noise management solution is in place – this usually results in less noise barriers being required.

Our noise barriers offer the best weight to noise reduction available. Whether you need lightweight barriers that are easy to move around the site or heavier mass solutions to meet consent requirements, we have the correct solution for all of your construction noise attenuation issues.

Our Products

Echo Barrier

Echo Barrier is a tested and proven noise barrier system that reduces noise by up to 42 dB. Less noise, fewer complaints, more work.

No Noise Series

For different levels of sound absorption, lightweight or heavier options are available. The installation process is simple and flexible.

Permanent Noise Fences

When looking at reducing the noise experienced at your property from traffic, neighbours or noisy activities.

Acoustic Enclosure

Stylish and customizable to your brand. Available in two options - H20 acoustic enclosure and Cutting Station. Available for Hire NZ Wide. 

Available for Hire Nationwide

Noise Barriers are available for hire nationwide through our network of hire partners

Supply Force has established a reliable hire partner network right across New Zealand.

These partners are companies New Zealanders know and trust. They can assist with everything from dry-hires to installations.

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We have supplied noise fences to many construction sites in New Zealand.
Get advice on noise attenuation or help putting your CNVMP into practice by calling 0800 666 647.

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