Noise Enclosure

Contain noise at its source for a safer working environment

  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install or move
  • Up to 40dB noise reduction
  • Fire Resistant

Construction and manufacturing industries are perfect for Echo Barrier Noise Enclosures. They offer temporary noise control for a wide range of generators, compressors and workstations.

Echo barrier enclosures are lightweight, waterproof, easily assembled in minutes, and portable.

Their workstation design provides a safe environment for cutting stations or other noise sources to be situated close to work areas.

Acoustic Enclosure Set Up At Night

Customizable to Best Represent Your Brand

Stylish and customizable to best represent your brand. Our temporary acoustic fencing can be branded with the design and messages of your choice, communicating your ethos and brand to the public.

Available For Hire

Echo Barrier is available for hire through one of our national Supply Partners. 

Echo Barrier Noise Barriers are suitable for manufacturing environments and can be used for noise pollution protection for machinery as well as generators

Echo Barrier has soundproof barriers for use as sound-absorbing tents for gensets and other noisy construction and manufacturing machinery.

Echo Barrier H20 Enclosure
Echo Barrier Cutting Station

Echo Barrier Noise Enclosure Features




Fire Resistant
to BS7837:1996


100% Waterproof
UV Resistant


Innovative, Scientific
Product Design


Durable &
Long Lasting

Echo Barrier H20 Enclosure

An instant solution to excessive noise

Installed in just 15 minutes, our H20 acoustic enclosure is a simple, flexible and effective temporary noise solution.

The 2.3m x 2.2m enclosure is ideal for work inside buildings and next to high-rise structures.

It reduces noise by up to 20dB on-site; prevents sound from bouncing off ceilings and walls; and contains the spread of dust.

Echo Barrier Cutting Station

World beating noise reduction and site safety

The CS cutting station provides a perfect temporary cutting station that allows operations to take place safely, directly at the worksite.

The station provides up to 40dB noise reduction, and contains debris from cutting while allowing visibility and safe handling of oversize items.

Available for Hire Nationwide

Our barrier products are available for hire nationwide through our network of hire partners.

SFI has established a robust hire partner network right across both of New Zealand’s main islands.

These partners are companies New Zealanders know and trust. They can assist with everything from dry hires to installations.

Nationwide – Stock Code 5916
North Island

Our Promise


Effectively Control
Noise Pollution


Better Health & Safety


Allow For The Use
Of Bigger Tooling


Reduce Negative Consumer
Impact For Retailers

Echo Barrier Noise Enclosure for the Construction & Manufacturing Industries, contain noise at it’s source for a safer working environment

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