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Wellington Noise Barrier Project

The Problem

An SFI SOE (State Owned Enterprise) customer has a facility in Wellington with substantial outdoor welding and grinding. As part of their due diligence, the customer conducted assessment studies on the impact this work would have on various aspects on the site. One of these areas was noise.

Site Issues

Although the yard is situated in an industrial area, it does have close proximity to some residential neighbors and a holiday park. Significant care was taken to assess the impact of the welding unit and grinding stations to ensure that surrounding properties were not overtly affected by the excess noise generated by these activities. This involved sound assessments and noise mapping of the activities. This showed that both the welding and grinding stations needed to be attenuated.

The Solution

The customer’s requirements were very specific in terms of what was needed from a noise attenuation solution.

  • They had specific measurements in terms of dB required on all boundary fences from the noise generated by these activities.
  • The noise mitigation material needed to comply with strict fire regulations due to their close proximity to both the welding and grinding units.
  • The barriers needed to be fully waterproof and perform regardless of the weather.
  • The solution needed to be installed to a height of 4.5m. This required a scaffolding frame, so needed a solution that was tensile tested and with a specific wind rating.

The consultants involved in the solution recommended Echo Barrier, as it is the only barrier on the market that complies with all of the above-mentioned requirements:

  • The Echo Barriers installed are independently lab tested to show a reduction of 40dBA.
  • The Echo Barriers are fire rated and comply with BS 7837-1996. This was critical in the selection of Echo Barrier- the complete barrier is tested and compliant, not just a single component. A critical step in any due diligence.
  • The Echo Barrier is the only noise barrier with a breathable waterproof membrane. This keeps the acoustic inner dry. Critical to maintaining the sound-absorbing properties and avoiding the safety concern of the increased weight on a structure due to water.
  • The Echo Barrier is independently lab tested to a tensile strength of 5.5kN. Critical for any scaffolder and design engineer when any screening is installed at height. Even more critical in a city Like Wellington known for its wind.

The Outcome

Acoustic tests carried out after the installation of the scaffold screen and Echo Barriers met with all requirements as laid down in the scope.

This enabled the welding and grinding activities to commence without undue noise being emitted to neighbouring properties. The solution has also resulted in lower noise levels for all employees on site.

Echo Barrier

Echo Barrier is the world leader in managing noise on outdoor and manufacturing sites. The barriers have the best weight to attenuation ratio on the market, allowing the barriers to be safely installed on various types of structures. As they are truly waterproof, they do not place undue strain on any structure when they do become wet, or absorb water and become reflective. The complete barrier is tested to a number of standards for peace of mind for all users.

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