Acoustic Fencing

When looking at reducing the noise experienced at your property from traffic, neighbours or noisy activities, the best option is to look for a permanent solution.

The key point to reducing the noise experienced on your property from these various noise sources is the height of the boundary wall.

SFI is now proud to offer permanent acoustic fencing coming in heights from 2.4m to 5.1m. These acoustic walls are designed to reduce the noise in your property by up to 28dB.

These heights are dependent on council by-laws, and we also won’t recommend something we do not believe will work.

Human Perception of Sound

Did you know? A decrease in noise of 10dB would be perceived to be half as loud, and a 28dB reduction represents a decrease of 85% to the human ear. Our acoustic fencing can achieve that. 

How it Works

An acoustic fencing barrier is a solid structure that intercepts and reduces sound within the shadow that it casts.

The closer a barrier can be to the source or receiver and the higher it is, the more effective it will be, and, to be effective, the line of sight between the source and receiver must be blocked completely by the barrier.

*”Acoustic Barrier Field Test”. Levels in your own situation may differ due to environmental conditions such as ground type and surrounding objects or buildings. Frequency is also a factor – high frequency sounds are more effectively decreased than low frequencies.

Our Products

Built to last our EPS/fibre cement panels are designed to withstand the typical demands placed in a fence in any environment and easy installation designed to be assembled with ease by at least two people.

Barrier up to 3.0M high
Barrier from 3.1M to 5.1 M hight

Permanent Acoustic Fencing


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Acoustic Fencing FAQ's

Are you constantly disturbed by traffic, neighbours, or other noisy activities? Are you living in a busy urban area? If so, Acoustic Fencing might be the right solution for you.

Our Acoustic Fencing can reduce noise by 28dB, or up to 85%.

When loud noises are made, sound waves radiate outward until they fade with distance or encounter an obstacle. By reflecting sound waves off the flat fence profile, our noise fences can reduce noise by up to 28dB.
We are able to provide fences from 2.4m to 5.1m high. As a general rule, we recommend the highest fence possible for your property for optimal noise reduction. However, the exact height allowed will depend on local council by-laws.

Our noise fences are constructed of EPS and fibre cement. These two materials are highly durable and resistant to degradation over time.

Yes we do! If you are looking for a temporary noise solution for construction sites or other applications, please visit our Construction Noise Barrier page for more information.

Acoustic barrier up to 3.0M hight

The acoustic barrier’s that go up to 3.0m high can reduce sound levels up to approximately 28 decibels and because of it’s short stature it’s perfect for street-side application.

Post Dimensions
140mm (deep) x 280mm (face) 0.95 mm BMT
Panel Thickness
Density of composite Panel Materials
Suitable for Fence Heights
900mm – 3000mm
Post Centres
2630mm, 2930mm, 3230mm

Acoustic barrier from 3.1M to 5.1M hight

The acoustic barrier’s that go from 3.1m to 5.1m high can reduce sound levels up to approximately 28 decibels and because of it’s height it’s perfect for boundary walls to secure property.

Post Dimensions
250mm (deep) x 150mm (face) 0.95 mm BMT
Panel Thickness
Density of composite Panel Materials
Suitable for Fence Heights
3000mm – 5100mm
Post Centres
2500mm, 2800mm

Noise Barriers For Residential Properties - Reduce Sound By Up To 85%

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