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Homeowners install flood gates for protection from future floods

Following the Auckland Anniversary weekend floods in 2023, many residents found out they were living in a flood-prone area. The issue of flood prevention became top of mind for many people who hadn’t previously thought about it.

Right across the city, thousands of homes and businesses were threatened by the fast-rising waters. The city received 307mm of rain – more than half a year’s rainfall – in just four days, causing widespread flooding and slips that hit transport networks and key infrastructure.

The areas that were hardest hit by the rain were New Lynn, Coxs Bay and the central city’s Albert Park. Many people were unprepared for the waters to rise so quickly, and to such high levels, leaving their homes vulnerable to the devastation that flooding causes.

Later in 2023, Auckland Council launched its Flood Viewer tool to help people see if they lived in a flood-prone area and to help them prepare for future flood events.

The Problem

While the Flood Viewer tool was helpful for future planning, it left some homeowners concerned that their home was now publicly designated as being in a flood prone area, potentially affecting its value.

The Challenge

Seeing the issues this could cause when they came to eventually sell their home, some homeowners decided to mitigate this by installing a flood protection system.

They contacted Supply Force in search of a solution. Some homes had driveways on a slope with a garage at the bottom – a perfect place for large volumes of water to accumulate in a flood.

Other homes had doorways positioned in areas that left their home particularly vulnerable to rising water levels.

The Solution

Supply Force responded with the perfect product to alleviate the concerns of these homeowners – Acquastop flood gates.

Acquastop flood gates are easy to install and don’t require any permanent alterations to be made to the house. Installation involves attaching a bracket to the doorway where the flood gates will be set up before an impending flood.

These are nondescript and don’t draw any attention when not in use.

The homeowners were drawn to this solution because of its effectiveness and ease of use – setting them up takes just minutes, compared with hours of backbreaking labour to create a wall with sandbags.

The Acquastop flood gates are pressure-fitted and custom-made to fit each home’s unique doorways or windows, ensuring a super-tight seal.

If you’re looking for an effective solution to protect your home from flooding, contact Supply Force today for a no-obligation quote.

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