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For Gibson O’Connor managing noise is paramount to their daily operations

Managing noise at their construction sites has become a high priority for Gibson O’Connor

Gibson O’Connor identified that site conditions including geometry, boundary structures, and proximity to neighbours meant that managing noise was paramount to their daily operations. In considering the environmental impacts of the development to neighbouring properties, noise and dust were issues that could potentially bring operations to a halt.

“We saw Echo Barriers as the only viable option to maintain a comfortable environment for our neighbours”

Tonkin & Taylor were the assigned acoustic consultants and Supply Force was engaged to work out the best methodology for managing cumulative noise from the site with Echo Barrier Temporary Noise Barriers.

Gibson O’Connor Construction Manager and Director Michael Powell said that “The Epsom Central site presented an extremely challenging and sensitive environment to our team at Gibson ‘O Connor. The site is bordered by residential, commercial and retail properties. We pride ourselves on minimising disruption around our construction sites and saw Echo Barriers as the only viable option to maintain a comfortable environment for our neighbours while we drilled over 100 piles into solid rock. In conjunction with regular communication with our neighbours, the Echo Barriers enabled us to complete the piling works with no official noise complaints being made”

The Construction Project

Epsom Central Apartments Development was awarded to Gibson O’Connor Construction Ltd in the role of primary contractor. Gibson O’Connor Construction specialise in commercial construction projects, they have a reputation as an industry leader. Health and safety and quality assurance backed by their industry experience afford the construction group successful client relationships and ultimately successful projects.

The Epsom Central Apartments Development are located at 468 Manukau Road Epsom. The site covers an area of approximately 1013m2 and borders residential and town centre zoning.

The Outcome

The Central Apartments development works were able to maintain noise levels below the required council and consent requirements. There were minimal disruptions and the site did not receive any noise complaints. The piling contractor CLL Services were permitted to work through their piling plan without noise control limiting their operations. Echo Barrier is a portable noise control barrier that uses a new technology to attenuate noise; originally developed by acoustic consultants and engineers for works on London’s rail network. This solution has made significant headway in the New Zealand constructors industry with leading constructors making it their noise solution of choice.

Gibson O’Connor Site Manager Kirby Wereta said of the solution, “The composition of the Echo Barrier is highly durable and sustainable in all weather conditions, it is light weight and strong and resilient. The data sheets speak for themselves and has enabled us to control our noise on site to within the resource consent noise parameters, and this has been a great success. As the barriers are light weight and can be installed in different configurations and onto different materials, we have had flexibility to easily move them as the site evolved. We have really been encouraged by the SFI team who have managed the solution on site, with a high degree of personal and professional communication, as well as showing initiative to address the changes on site.”

With ‘Echo Barrier’ printed across the barriers themselves provides significant assistance in creating community awareness to the efforts of the Gibson O’Connor project team. It provides a clear message of their social responsibility in respect to noise management.

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