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Wellington Summer Shakespeare is using Echo Barrier

See our product in action at reading carpark – cnr tory and wakefield streets – where wellington summer shakespeare is using echo barrier to great effect to minimise the impact of noise.

Introducing Echo Barrier

Echo barrier is for those looking to improve the culture around workplace safety and improve health & safety compliance.

Today, all contractors have a responsibility to protect both the public and the employees from hazards. All contractors in the construction industry face challenges with noise and dust management. Some contractors have a better culture than others when it comes to managing such challenges.

It really depends on the health and safety culture of the contractor and how health and safety policies are conducted in daily site life.

Echo barrier products are suitable for manufacturing environments, and can be used for noise pollution protection for machinery as well as generators

Echo Barrier has sound proof barriers for use as temporary site fencing as well as sound absorbing tents for gensets and other noisy construction and manufacturing machinery.

Up to 40dB noise control

Echo Barrier is a cutting-edge acoustic barrier used worldwide, tested and proven to give up to 40dB noise control.

Extremely durable and waterproof, the highest quality PVC makes our acoustic barrier easy to clean and professional looking.

Top grade lightweight acoustic absorbent which prevents sound from reflecting off the barrier.

Allows sound to be absorbed but keeps water out.

Extends product life to retain acoustic performance in harsh working environments.

Echo barrier h series noise control system

Dimensions (flat): 2050mm high x 1335mm wide
Dimensions (rolled): 400mm diameter x 1335mm
Weight: 6kg
Field Performance: 10–40 dB Noise Reduction (greater if barriers are doubled up)

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