Why Floodstop?

The effects of a flood are devasting for both businesses and residential properties. Even if insurance does cover the majority of your loss, and even after an intense clean-up, your property is never quite the same. Many homes and businesses live with the effects of flood damage for many years after the fact, which can be caused by water damage no higher than 20cm. If you do live in a flood-prone or low-lying coastal area, the best remedy is to have robust protection.

The problem with sandbags

Sandbags have been the traditional solution to for flood protection. Although they can be somewhat effective if deployed properly, they suffer from a number of disadvantages.

  • Quantity: to properly construct a flood defense using sandbags a ratio of 1:3 is required ie. a 1m high wall requires a 3m wide footing.
  • Weight: Sandbags are difficult to deploy due to their sheer weight. At 20kg per bag they are often not feasible to use in most flood instances where speed is critical.
  • Sand: Empty sandbags are easy enough to store. The problem is filling them with sand in time for a flood event. This is very time-consuming and will require significant labour in a hurry, and you have to locate sand.
  • Cost: a 900mm high wall using sandbags requires 150 sandbags per m. At an average of $5 per filled bag, this is $750 per m. This excludes transport (it is 3 ton per meter- 150 bags at 20kg each), labour to deploy, and possibly the largest bill, packing up and then disposing of contaminated sandbags.
  • Effectiveness: Sandbags are not waterproof, so regardless of how well your wall is built, there is significant seepage. This can be countered to a degree by using plastic sheeting, but this is another cost and complication in the wall construction.

Floodstop as a Solution

Floodstop is designed to counter many of the problems that are inherent to sandbags as a flood protection solution.

  • Speed: Floodstop is fast to deploy, and requires no specialized training. 180-metres of our 0.5m high Floodstop barrier can be deployed in 90 minutes.
  • Reusable: Sandbags need to be disposed of after use- Floodstop can be cleaned and is then ready for the next flood event.
  • Effectiveness: With the unique design, Floodstop is significantly more effective than sandbags. There is still seepage, but depending on how well constructed the sandbag wall is, Floodstop is up to 80% more effective.
  • Footprint: When deployed the 0.9m Floodstop only takes 750mm as a footing- as opposed to the same sandbag wall with a footing of 2700mm. This is critical if space is a concern eg. Next to access way, road etc.
  • Cost: Although sandbags may seem like the more cost-effective approach, Floodstop is much the same cost as a properly constructed sandbag wall per meter. This is based on a single use, and excludes dismantling and disposal of sandbags. Considering Floodstop does not have the extra costs associated with sandbags, and can be deployed multiple times, it works out to be significantly cheaper.


Flood events are difficult to predict, and each case and property is different. Floodstop is a great system for flood protection, but is not the solution in every case. We generally try and do site visits in each case, and all deployments are quoted with a commitment free computer-aided design (CAD) drawing specific to your site.

Contact us and we would be happy to discuss your particular issue. At Supply Force, our advice is free and we are happy to advise of what we believe is the best solution. Flood events are devasting, and this is not a product we would want to sell if we are not confident it will provide you with the correct level of protection.

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